Leaf Peeping in NH

My wife and I are headed back up to the Hills of New Hampshire. We were last there during the 2008 Presidential season. I’ll be curious to see whether NH has turned a shade of red in the last 4 years and whether the leaves have too! Currently, Obama leads by an average of 6 points pre-debate and I wonder if the signage reflects that enthusiasm for the President, who carried the state in 2008. I’ll post new pics and a campaign update later this weekend. Peace!  – Ribbie 10/6/2012

We took our annual Fall Foliage Trip to the White Mountains yesterday.  Creatures of habit, we took 93 North to Route 89 exiting at Warner, NH for breakfast.  After breakfast we headed back up 93 to Route 112 and the Kancamagus Scenic Highway in the White Mountains.  What a gorgeous day; crisp air, sunny, with beautiful colors all around.   This year, as in years past around this time, the colors, though bright, were slightly past peek in the higher elevations.  The greatest variety of vibrant colors could be seen on the drive up 93 through Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We had breakfast at the Foot Hills of Warner Country Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant.  We ordered up a couple of platters of pancakes, which were as advertised – the size of a platter.  Served one per platter, my thick buttermilk pancake was spongy and slightly dry, but with a few dollups of butter and a liberal pouring of maple syrup, I could not complain.  My wife shared with our daughter a blueberry flapjack, which was better than mine and considerably less spongy.  If you can believe it, we had leftovers!  After breakfast, we walked around the Fall Foliage Festival for about an hour.  I went to the book sale at the library and bought a used copy of Dreiser’s An American Tragedy for .50 and a box set of Beethoven’s 9 Symphonies conducted by Arturo Toscanini for 2.00.   The lps are in excellent condition and even in Mono sound fantastic.  I’m in the process of converting the vinyl to MP3s.

A couple of interesting notes:  there were as many bikers as cars on 112.  And in Warner where we stopped off for breakfast, McCain-Palin signs littered the landscape.  We counted only two Obama-Biden signs.  The same was true in most of the towns we passed throughout the NH countryside.   Polling numbers show Obama leading in NH, but McCain apparently has a base of support in rural towns.  I shouldn’t be too surprised – at least until recently, NH voters have favored the Republican presidential candidate voting in greater numbers for a Democrat only 4 times since 1952:  Johnson in 1964; Clinton in 1992 and 1996 and Kerry in 2004.

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad you got to enjoy such a beautiful day with family, that is always nice. However, I am sorry you had to see that old, washed-up McCain/Palin sign…that my friend had to frightening.

  2. Thanks, I reblogged an old entry from 4 years ago and am on the road in NH now and happy to report no Palin/McCain signs, and more Obama/Biden than Romney/Ryan.

  3. Oh thank God! I thought people were more insane than I thought.

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