McCain Camp Plays Blame Game

“Now is not the time to fix blame, it’s time to fix the problem” John McCain told reporters in Iowa.  Todd Spangler of the Free Press reported that at the same time, McCain’s campaign staff released statements blaming the Democrats for “partisan attacks….to gain political advantage during a national economic crisis.” Spangler points out that Douglas Holtz-Eakin holds Obama and the Democrats responsible for putting “politics ahead of country”.

There is that slogan again – Country First.  What could be more politicized than assigning blame to the Democrats when 133 Republicans rejected the bill?  What’s more, who suspended his campaign to help broker the deal – who by all accounts said little or nothing in meetings and was thought to be more a hindrance than help?  John, JMC, big John, Johnnie M going down to save the economy and his failing campaign.

I will have to give credit to McCain for saying that we should stop calling it a bailout and refer to it instead as a rescue package.  I think that would have allayed some concerns that the plan is nothing more than a golden parachute for the fat cats.  But why didn’t he push this idea when he had his Superhero robe on in Washington?  It sounds to me like McCain is suffering from a crisis of leadership.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this Country First nonsense.  It’s time to put PEOPLE FIRST!


2 Responses

  1. You left out that 95 democrats also voted no. Also, the democrats could have passed the bill without any republican votes since there are more than 217 democrats in the house. I guess no matter what the facts are, people see things how they want to see them.

  2. The fact is both parties are to blame, so the finger pointing is pointless.

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