10 Reasons McCain Wants to Delay Debate

ONE, McCain may not feel prepared for Friday’s debate. Using the economic crisis as a front, McCain could be trying to buy extra time to rehearse.

TWO, by not showing up at all for the debate, he can argue that it was better to be a no-show at the debate than a no-show in Washington. He has had his fair share of missed votes in Washington (more than any other Senator by far) and does not want to sit this one out.

THREE, he will argue that he put Country First by suspending his campaign and question Obama’s resolve, leadership and patriotism for not suspending his. Update: My prediction was true: in an interview today with Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News, he actually said that if he did not attend the debate it would be because he was “putting Country First”, implying that Obama is being selfish by sticking to the original debate terms.

FOUR, if the bailout plan is approved, he will take credit for having led the way.

FIVE, McCain is a B- debater (see Mark Halperin’s review in Time magazine of the 1st Republican Debate) and will not fair well against a more polished Obama. McCain has more to lose than gain from a debate.

SIX, McCain’s campaign is losing steam. According to a Poll of Polls, Obama now leads in the critical battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Colorado and is gaining ground in key states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Arkansas. He needs to stop Obama’s momentum by diverting attention away from Obama’s message, forcing Obama instead to react to his agenda.

SEVEN, why risk losing ground in Mississippi, a state in which he has a convincing lead?

EIGHT, Bill Clinton defends debate delay.

NINE, McCain is desperate.

TEN, If he debates Obama on Friday, it’s all over!

4 Responses

  1. another reason is so that the veep debates would also have to be postponed, as we can well see that palin is not ready and likely not to be ready until january!

  2. I agree. McCain has not been to Capitol Hill since April, why now? He’s either scared that he’s not prepared or he’s trying to keep Palin on the shelf by pushing back the VP debate. After seeing Palin in interviews I think I’d want a delay as well.

  3. Yes – I hadn’t thought about the VP debate, but no doubt McCain would want that one delayed too….indefinitely!

  4. These debates ar simply more of the same.Most Senior Citizens have already made up their mind. Right now, Seniors want the Economy addressed and something done to fix the problem. Debates between Presidental candidates will not fix anything!

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