Obama Needs Bill not Hill

National polls show Obama and McCain running only a few points apart.  State polls show another story with McCain leading convincingly in 18 states to Obama’s 10.  This leaves 22 states up for grabs including big stakes states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virgina and Missouri.  For details see Election Polls

On the Republican side, It looks like the Palin factor is becoming less of one and whatever bump the Republicans got from their convention has now been erased.  No doubt the Republicans are looking for popular and charismatic surrogates to stump for their uninspiring candidate.  And the Obama camp needs some energy and momentum injected into their feeble campaign; some clarity and persuasive stumping.  Who better than a Clinton!  But which Clinton?  No way, no how, no Hill, just Bill.  I do like Hillary Clinton and think she would have made a good president, don’t get me wrong, but that is the point.  She comes off too presidential on the trail.  She is a loyal Democrat, but not terribly effective in inspiring confidence in Obama.  Many see her and wonder what could have been.

What Obama needs is Bill, not Hill.   And where is Bill Clinton?  Wasn’t he supposed to begin campaigning for Obama right after the Democratic convention?  By the way, the former President’s speech provided the most compelling reasons to support Barak Obama of any delivered at the convention.  See my post: Bill Clinton Appeals to Hillary Supporters.  After meeting in NYC on September 11, Bill agreed to campaign in Florida on September 29.   September 29 –  that’s two weeks away!  Every day of the campaign is precious, as David Gergen is fond of saying and frankly I don’t think the Obama camp can afford to wait that long for Clinton, especially with so many key battleground states to be contested.  Florida is a good choice, but they also need Bill stumping in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Can’t Clinton take two months off from his Foundation work right now and help Barak Obama get elected? Time is a wasting!

Looking at the polls, I am deeply disappointed that Arkansas, my native state, and Tennessee look to be McCain strongholds.  Can’t Clinton and Gore deliver their home states to Obama? Arkansas wake up!  McCain is not the answer…and deep down you know it.  Go Hogs!

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