John McCain – Missed Votes Maverick

Here’s something you might not know about John McCain:  He’s missed more Senate votes in this year’s Congress than any other Senator – 407 out of 638 votes – 63.8%.

From 2007 to present, here are some of the votes McCain missed:

  • a bill to force a straight up yes/no vote on comprehensive immigration reform.  McCain was the only Republican Senator who did not cast a vote.  Hard to believe this one because he co-sponsored an immigration reform bill in 2005 with Senator Kennedy.
  • a bill to provide 124 billion for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to set benchmarks and a timetable for troop withdrawal.   You would think he’d have voted No on this given his strong support for the surge.
  • a bill to withdraw troops from Iraq.  On this one too, I’m surprised he didn’t cast a No vote.
  • a bill to require equal pay for equal work.  He has said that he thought women should get more training to secure higher paying jobs.  No glass shattering on this one.
  • a bill on flood insurance reform

John McCain’s Missed Votes

And while he claims to be a maverick, when it comes to voting with his party, he did so 88% of the time.   There are 30 other US Republican Senators who voted more indepedantly, that is to say against the prevailing Republican position.  McCain’s voting record does not support his maverick image, but his tendancy not to vote certainly does.


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