RNC Day 2 Observations

Country First.  Service.  What were those signs about; what do they mean?  Republicans are committing to service?  Peace Corps?  Teach for America?  City Year?  Great!  Country First.  What is that – an advertisement for a Bank?  Or are the Republicans suggesting that Democrats don’t put country first?  Country First? Republican policies actually put big business first – the sign should read Business First.

Did you hear the chants USA, USA, USA, USA? – I felt a little embarrassed like I did when we won 83 gold medals during the boycotted LA Olympic Games in 1984.   By the way, was there an applause sign?  It seemed almost like the cheers were piped in, a second or two delayed.  Like when Laura Bush was speaking, she would pause for a second, and then the crowd would roar, slightly off cue.

Is Robert “Boo Radley” Duvall, really a Republican? The video he narrated I thought had some powerful images, but was a little disappointing, like an amateur PowerPoint. I expected more.

Did you see the teenage mayor of Muskogee?  A town of 40,000, 32,000 more than VP Palin’s town.  What is the age requirement for VP?  If Palin, drops out for whatever reason, the Republicans should seriously consider this kid.   Or even Laura Bush – now that’s an idea – no joking – she would have made an excellent VP.  Speaking of Ms. Bush, did you notice when she mentioned Gov. Palin, the crowd gave a less than enthusiastic ovation, but when she mentioned having the first woman VP on the ticket, the crowd roared.  Interesting.

On keeping America safe – the Republicans may claim to be keeping American people safe, but are we any safer now than before?  Were New Orleans residents safe during and after Katrina?  Are we safe from predatory lending, gun violence, rising fuel, food and utility costs? Are our pension plans safe?  Do all Americans have access to affordable health care?

I didn’t see much diversity in the crowd at the RNC on day 2.  Maybe CNN is taking the Spike Lee challenge to compare faces in the crowds at the two conventions.  The Republican delegation may be more diverse than it appeared on TV, but you have to admit that the Democratic delegation and crowd at the DNC reflected the diversity that is America.


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