Mark Warner Did Not Deliver

As a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, I expected more from the former Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner.  I expected more references to Barak Obama and fewer to himself.  He is a very good speaker but I expected him to make more of solid case against John McCain and for Barak Obama.  Instead, he made the case for himself by outlining his bi-partisan success as Governor of Virginia.  “we closed the budget gap and Virginia was named the best managed state in America…We made record investments in education and job training.  We got 98% of eligible kids enrolled in our children’s health care program”.  He went on to talk about increased broadband access and the creation of high tech jobs in rural Virginia.  All very impressive achievements indeed, but who is running for President?  Perhaps Warner himself again in 2012.

To be fair, Warner is running for Senate and it is in the Democrat’s best interest that he win and help deliver Virgina to Obama in November.   And the references to his accomplishments in Virgina were no doubt intended to show that under the leadership of Obama and Biden, his Virgina success story could be replicated throughout the country.

However, Warner did not make a strong enough case against Bush and McCain and for Obama and Biden to convince Clinton clingers to vote for the ticket or even at all.  Let’s just hope that the 18 million Clinton backers out there heard the cases made that day by Barbara Boxer, Dennis Kucinich, Ed Rendell and Deval Patrick.  And if they were still not convinced, I hope they really listened to Hillary Clinton last night (instead of imagining her as President) and do their part to help elect Barak Obama as requested!

Text of Gov. Mark Warner’s speech

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