Kick the Coffee Addicition with Yerba Mate

Coffee, Tea or Mate? I drink coffee everyday; I guess you could say I’m a coffee addict. I don’t care much for tea, unless I’m sick. Mate, pronounced (MAHtay) is a tea-like herbal drink made with dried Yerba leaves that are put into a gourd like vessel, steeped in hot water and sipped from a metal straw. Enormously popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and to a lesser degree Chile, mate is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Somewhat bitter, mate is often prepared with sugar, hot milk instead of water, or a sprig of spearmint; I like it with a dash of cinnamon.  After sipping the liquid down, you add more hot water or milk; after the first few refills, the mate tastes much smoother. Drinking mate is generally a social activity so it is common to pass the cup around after taking some sips, almost like a peace pipe. I dig mate!


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  1. Nice comment about our traditional beverage!

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