Introducing Ella the Calico Cat

Ella is a great cat! Here she is as a kitten, obviously.

And at 5, 33 in cat years.

Ella has a youtube video. Here she shows her friskiness.

Unlike most cats, Ella rarely meows – she’s practically mute. The only time she makes a sound is when she is alone, or thinks she is, and then, only a faint, feeble, mew. She’s an indoor kitty, but has escaped a few times – once in a snow storm; she must have darted out when I returned from an errand – why, I’ll never know. My wife and I had no idea she was missing until we heard her crying outside hours later, trying to find a way to get in. Since then, she has not ventured to the out of doors, but does like to stand by the front door and peek out, when it’s opened. Once she jumped onto the screen door and just stuck there, splayed. I wish I had taken a photo.

For more news on Ella, stayed tuned. I’ll try to post frequently.

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