Sad Sod Looks Like Shredded Wheat

I sodded my yard at the beginning of the summer, or I should say I had it sodded. I’d have done it myself if I had had a pickup truck or a big enough trunk. Ok, I wouldn’t have done it myself because I’m lazy. I’m so lazy that I failed to water the lawn enough and now have sad sod. Some of the patches look like giant blocks of shredded wheat.  Actually, I did water in the beginning, but huge mushrooms began to sprout all over the yard, so I decided to water less, to eliminate the fungus. Then I got lazy and stopped watering altogether, but when brown patches appeared, I started watering again. The lawn is looking better, but the shredded wheat remains. Should I replace the dead patches now or wait until next spring? This may sound like a dumb question, but will the dead sod yield grass next year?


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